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Are you looking for the chance to experience a thrilling adventure in the comfort of your own home? Then you’ve come to the right place! CasinoChile.net’s slot review of Book-of-Ra-Deluxe-6 is sure to provide you with an exciting, action-packed experience.

Based on the popular Book of Ra slot game from Novomatic, this version takes the classic and adds a twist. It’s a great option for those who want to enjoy a unique, engaging experience.

Our review will provide an in-depth look at the game’s features, symbols and payouts, bonus features, user interface, and more. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of playing this version of the game.

So, if you’re ready to take an exciting journey into the world of Book-of-Ra-Deluxe-6, read on!

Overview of the Game

Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is a thrilling slot game with great visuals and plenty of chances to win big! It is a 5 reel, 10 payline slot game developed by Novomatic, with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Its graphics quality is impressive, featuring vibrant colours and impressive animations that draw you into the game and evoke the feeling of being back in time.

The payout rates, too, are generous, allowing players to win up to 50,000 coins with a single spin. The symbols used in the game represent several aspects of Ancient Egyptian culture and include the Pharaoh, God Ra, the Scarab Beetle, and the Book of Ra. There is also a Wild and Scatter symbol, which offers the potential for even bigger wins.

The game also includes an autoplay option and a gamble feature, where you can double your winnings on each spin. There are also free spin bonuses available for larger wins. Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is an action-packed slot game, with plenty of chances to win and have a great time. It’s an exciting game that is sure to keep you entertained while you spin the reels.

Symbols and Payouts

In Book of Ra Deluxe 6, there are plenty of symbols to keep an eye out for. Some of these symbols can bring in a substantial payout. The explorer symbol is the most valuable, offering a x5000 multiplier for a line of five. Other symbols, like the scarab and the Pharaoh, provide a x750 multiplier for five matching symbols. On the other hand, the lower paying symbols are represented by card symbols ranging from A-10. These symbols offer a range of payouts, from x50 to x500 for a line of five.

The most important symbol in the game is the Book of Ra symbol. It serves as both a scatter and a wild symbol. As a scatter, it triggers up to 10 Free Spins when three or more appear on the reels. As a wild, it can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter. Additionally, landing the wild symbol in specific positions can activate the Expanding Symbols feature. This feature causes the wild symbol to expand and cover the entire reel, potentially leading to bigger wins.

One of the most thrilling aspects of Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is the bonus game. In this game, players have the chance to uncover the hidden mysteries of the ancient world and win even larger prizes.

Bonus Features

Unlock the hidden mysteries of the ancient world and discover the exciting bonus features of Book of Ra Deluxe 6. With a generous RTP rate of 95.03%, this game is sure to give you plenty of chances to win big. It offers a variety of bonus rounds, including:

  1. Free Spins: Get ten free spins with the ancient book symbol acting as a scatter.

  2. Gamble Feature: After every successful spin, you can choose to double your winnings.

  3. Expanding Symbols: During the free spins, one symbol is randomly selected to expand and cover the entire reel.

These bonus features make Book of Ra Deluxe 6 a highly interactive and entertaining slot game. With the potential to win big with each spin, players are sure to be captivated by the game. The special symbols also add to the game’s excitement, making it a great choice for any experienced slot player.

The game is easy to understand, making it a great choice for those just starting out with slots, as well. With the potential for big payouts and plenty of bonus features, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is a great choice for any slot fan.

The game also offers a number of special features, including wilds, expanding symbols, and scatter symbols. With these features, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is sure to draw in a large number of players. With all these features, it’s no wonder that Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is quickly becoming one of the most popular slot games around.

Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is the perfect game for those looking for a thrilling and rewarding slot experience. With its generous RTP rate, bonus rounds, and special features, it’s sure to keep players coming back for more. With the potential for big wins, it’s easy to see why this game is quickly becoming a favorite of slot fans.

Special Features

Experience the thrill of bonus features with Book of Ra Deluxe 6. This slot game is packed with special features that will keep you entertained.

  • Wilds: The game offers wild symbols that can substitute for other symbols, helping to create winning combinations. When a wild symbol appears, it will expand to cover the entire reel, increasing your chances of winning.

  • Scatter Symbols: The game also features scatter symbols, which can trigger the free spins round. When three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, you will be awarded with up to 20 free spins.

  • Free Spins: During the free spins round, the scatter symbols will award you with extra wilds, further increasing your chances of winning.

With its special features and rewarding bonus rounds, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is sure to keep you coming back for more. The graphics and sound effects of the game add to the experience, creating a bright and colorful visual display with exciting and upbeat sound effects. The user interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly adjust your bet size and spin the reels. Transition seamlessly into the world of online slots with this game, providing an exciting experience for all players.

User Interface

Easily adjust your bet size and spin away while enjoying the exciting visuals of Book of Ra Deluxe 6 with its user-friendly interface. The game has intuitive controls and customization options that allow you to tailor your playing experience to your preferences.

The graphical design is sleek and modern, with a user-friendly layout. All the options are clearly displayed in the main interface, making it easy to navigate the game and make adjustments.

The game also has an autoplay feature, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the game without worrying about manually spinning the reels. The game also has an adjustable bet size with a minimum of 1 coin and a maximum of 600 coins. This allows you to play at your preferred level of risk and rewards.

The sound effects also add to the atmosphere, creating a realistic casino experience. With its user-friendly interface, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 allows you to customize your playing experience to suit your needs. Smooth navigation and adjustable bet sizes make this game a great choice for both novice and experienced players alike. Additionally, the sound effects and graphics make the game a pleasure to play.

As you can see, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 has a lot to offer in terms of its user interface. Now let’s move on to discuss the pros and cons of the game.

Pros and Cons

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of playing Book of Ra Deluxe 6 for yourself! This slot game is a popular choice for many online gamers, with its ancient Egyptian theme and six reels. Here are some of the pros and cons of playing Book of Ra Deluxe 6:


  • Interesting game mechanics with a special expanding symbol feature
  • High volatility with potential for big wins
  • Good payouts with a 96.2% RTP rate
  • Lots of bonus features that can be activated

One of the main pros of playing Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is its volatility. High volatility slots can be more exciting to play as they can yield larger wins. However, this also means that the wins may be less frequent. Players should consider this when deciding whether to play this game or not.

The payouts of Book of Ra Deluxe 6 are also quite good. It has a relatively high return-to-player rate of 96.2%, meaning that players can expect to get back some of the money they have wagered. Additionally, the game also has lots of bonus features, such as scatter symbols, free spins, and wilds, which can make it more exciting to play.

Overall, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 can be a great game to play for those who are looking for some fun and excitement. It’s important to keep in mind that the game does have its highs and lows, so be sure to consider the pros and cons before deciding to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Book-Of-Ra-Deluxe-6 available to play on mobile devices?

Yes, Book-Of-Ra-Deluxe-6 is available to play on mobile devices. It offers mobile compatibility, plus free spins, making it an enjoyable experience on the go. Enjoy thrilling features and great graphics on your device.

How often does the bonus feature trigger?

You could hit the bonus feature on Book-Of-Ra-Deluxe-6 every few spins. For example, one player used winning strategies and managed to trigger the bonus feature every 7-8 spins. With careful play and knowledge of the bonus frequency, you could increase your chances of success.

Is there an option to play for free?

Yes, you can play for free. The mobile compatibility allows you to access and play for free with free play options. Enjoy the game without having to risk your money.

Are there any special promotions or bonuses?

Hey there, looking for a bonus? We’ve got you covered! CasinoChile.net’s Book-Of-Ra-Deluxe-6 offers plenty of promotional offers and bonus codes to choose from. Don’t miss out on your chance to score big!

Does the game have any progressive jackpots?

No, Book-Of-Ra-Deluxe-6 does not have progressive jackpots. It does, however, offer wild symbols and bonus rounds for increased chances of winning.


You’ve read the review of Book of Ra Deluxe 6 and seen what it has to offer. With its 6 reels, 10 paylines and an RTP of 95.03%, this game offers plenty of chances for you to win big.

The high-value symbols, bonus features and special features make this game a great choice. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and understand, and you can expect plenty of fun.

Plus, you’ll get the chance to win up to 5,000x your stake on a single spin! So, why not try your luck at this exciting slot game?